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Ginle Cubillas Arriola (1968) fotógrafo, pintor, productor, ceramista, cineasta, compositor musical

Photographer, painter, producer, ceramist,video artist, musical composer, illustrated books, newspapers, magazines and websites national and international.

Muestras internacionales colectivas (Fotografía)

  •   2006  Festival de la Fotografía FOTOAELLA. Paris, Francia.
  •   2007  El Bodegón de Papel. Tijuana, México.
  •   2007  La Casa de La 9 Tijuana, México.
  •   2016  UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México). Mexico.
  •   2017 Teatro Acomixtli. México.
  •   2017  Casa Simón Bolívar La Habana. Cuba.
  •   2017  UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México). Mexico.

Muestras internacionales colectivas (pintura)

  •  2012 Festival Internacional del Caribe, (Con el proyecto comunitario Sábanas Blancas)Santiago de Cuba. Cuba.

Muestras personales en Cuba (fotografías y Pinturas)

  •  2000  Galería de Arte municipal de Sandino, Ciudad de Sandino. Pinar del Río, Cuba.
  •  2000  Museo Municipal de Sandino, Ciudad de Sandino. Pinar del Río, Cuba.
  •  2000  Galería de Arte San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río. Cuba
  •  2011    Casa Taller La Musa, Baracoa. Guantánamo, Cuba.
  •  2012   Galería de Arte, Baracoa. Guantánamo, Cuba.

Muestras colectivas en Cuba (fotografías y Pinturas)

  • Aproximadamente cinco muestras colectivas categoría fotografía.
  • Aproximadamente veinte muestras colectivas categoría pintura, con el proyecto Sábanas Blancas del cual es fundador y creador.

Participación en Salones de Arte (fotografías y Pinturas)

  •  1999   4to Salón Desiderio Apórtela. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Premio 1er lugar.
  •  2011    Salón 500 Años. Baracoa, Guantánamo. Cuba.
  • 2013    XIV Salón de Arte Religioso, Santiago de Cuba. Cuba.
  • 2017    XXXI Salón de Artes Plásticas Pablo Porras Gener, La Isla de Pinos. cuba. ( Fotografía)

Participación  en exposiciones colectivas en Cerámicas

  • 2017   Galería de Arte Martha Machado, Isla de Pinos. Cuba.

Su trabajo esta presente en películas y documentales, que han obtenido premios dentro y fuera de cuba.

                                    "En un Rincón del Alma" El Salvador- Cuba.

  • 2017    Fest. Internacional de Cine de Republica      Dominicana (Mención). Dominicana.
  • 2017    Fest. Internacional de Cine de      Guadalajara, México.
  • 2017    Chicago Latino Film Festival de Chicago, USA.
  • 2017     Fest. Internacional de Cine de Trieste, Italia.
  • 2017     Festival latino de Toulouse.  Francia.
  • 2017     Festival de Cine de Lima,Perú.
  • 2017     Latin American Film Festival, LATAFF. Canada.
  • 2017     11  Festival del Documental de Lyón, Francia.

            " Cuando yo Soñaba Un Mundo al Revés", El Salvador- Cuba.

  • 2008   San Francisco Video Festival (Premio). USA
  • 2007   Festival de cine Pobre Gibara (Premio) Cuba.
  • 2005   Festival Internacional de Documental de Cádiz, (Mención) España.


                                           "  WOW, FUCK"   

  • 2016   Galería “Contrast”, Barcelona. España.
  • 2016   Galería H2O, Barcelona. España.
  • 2016   IV Festival Internacional de VIDEOARTE   BANG, Barcelona. España.


Kim Scianghetti Photography (U.S.A)

When I was in Cuba, I met an excellent Cuban photographer, his work done for more than twenty years is like a large photographic archive and especially Havana. I walked along the several streets of the city of Havana, and showed me a world that exists and not very visible to the tourist who does only hotel tourism, I have a beautiful experience thanks to Ginle, walking with him made me feel safe and confident  When I returned home I left with the satisfaction of having bought some excellent images of Ginle's work.   His photographic work is immensely a reflection of Cuba, its streets, its people and everything that happens day by day, in its streets and in the life of Cubans.   He is a photographer who has traveled all over the country, as a great connoisseur with his camera in hand.  We are preparing an exhibition where Ginle's and mine's eyes meet.

Jorge Dalton (El Salvador)


I consider Ginle Cubillas Arriola as a photographer of the streets, with a very unique style and a unique harmony. Ginle is endowed with a powerful privilege of the gaze, which has unveiled its usual scenario. He lives, walks, dreams and collects daily images of one of the most enchanted cities this planet has, a very privileged place but not everything is pink, where balconies and walls begging to be given back what time has removed from them. He does not abuse digital trims and natural light is his blanket, he arms himself with that look that sometimes tends to be acute nu captures corners and cracks sites and surviving characters of a war in which fortunately, never could be. Just like any great walker of life he excels in his work a deep love for this sea that hit, not always with affection, and those tarnished streets where the sunrises are also gentle

Jorge Pinto Guedes

Photography Publisher.

Ginle Cubillas Arriola´s images are impressive and exquisite for several reasons: he’s a complete artist because not only he breathes art but also because of his multidisciplinary interventions that allow him to express himself widely. On the other hand, Ginle knows Cuba's life and people better than anyone else because he is a true Cuban and a great human being. That makes him capture images wherever he wants or needs and from every theme he desires. Ginle's images are very powerful and meaningful, he shows reality. For me, as photography publisher, it was a true pleasure to feature  Ginle's work in our magazine Arte Fotográfica and it was easy to give  him the issue's cover.


Guillermo Orlando piedra Labañino (Cuba)

Artista plástico/ caricaturista

Dueño de La Musa/ galería de arte

Miembro de la U.N.E.A.C

This photographer has been able to work in communion, his photographic work, the plastic and the audiovisual materials which have been shown at the tv, galas and other events,  but the work that we know most here in Baracoa is his job documentary filmmaker of Havana, although our first villa is in the background of your images, this city caught his eyes and seduced him, to the point where he lived for a period of time to collect farmers experiences and ways of life , To me this is his greatest achievement

Fierro Ayala  (México)

profesor de fotografia y diseño.Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Everyday life in any society are a reflection, the mirrors, the forms of life, of being and the now. For the Cuban community; the "wall", its characters from daily lives of their children, the trigger for a life without haste, of calm, hopeful sunrises. Ginle Cubillas vision focuses there, where everyone can turn to see, or not. Walking with camera in hand becomes for Ginle a great opportunity to enter in dialogue with each other, and from there, wondering to himself and the audience, what with our customs, our breads every day, at the end of the road, ask us about life itself.

Gilberto Campos (El Salvador)


I know Ginle Cubillas work approximately 8 years ago. I have seen in his photographs the mystical and passion that puts in every one of his series, portraits, landscape or daily life in Cuba, but I especially appreciated the artistic language that he has developed over the years. A series that is for me the most representative of his photographic work is one in which he shows the Cuba’s daily life by  traveling through various parts of this beautiful country capturing  in each image the closeness with photographs.

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Photos©Ginle Cubillas Arriola. Cuba

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